Our main responsibility is to ensure that all activities and services performed by Deha Tech, its subsidiaries and affiliates comply with the H&S Management System, legal terms and legislation. We commit to comply with all Occupational Health and Safety legislation (laws, regulations and legislation) in force and related specifications in every region where performed activities.

Deha Tech minimizes the accidents by eliminating the likelihood of incident at its source during all activities and adopts the principle of making efforts to prevent occupational diseases. We provide consultancy and participation for achieving the H&S objectives with the awareness of responsibility for their safety to subcontractors, visitors and employees.

Deha Tech provides continuous improvement by setting goals and targets for OHS Management System, creating Occupational Health and Safety management programs in line with these goals and targets, and training, information, auditing, performance measurement and monitoring activities.

DEHA TECH identifies and eliminates hazards and reduces risks when not fully removed and spreads the findings that takes under control with risk assessments methods to employees. By appointing qualified H&S personnel, defining the necessary H&S training of all personnel who involved in the activities of the company, performs the training and provides the necessary resources.

Health and Safety Performance of our projects are monitored very closely in terms of proactive and reactive parameters. Our projects are regularly audited by Corporate HSE Department as well as auditing institutions and the results of these audits are evaluated by project and corporate management.

Think Safe

Act Safe

Stay Safe

We ensure that organizations have effective occupational health and safety systems in place to protect employees, generate customer confidence and enhance business reputation