Feed water tanks are vessels that are used for degassing oxygen and carbon dioxide from water and if the gases are not removed they can cause corrosion. These kinds of vessels are mainly used in the boiler houses, where they are used to degas the water that is directed into the boiler system.

Feed water is treated and conditioned in three phases:

  • Raw make-up water is treated before entering the deaerator
  • Treated make-up water and return condensate merge in the deaerator for removal of dissolved gases
  • De-oxygenated and heated feed water enters the boiler where it is further treated with chemicals
  • All aspects of the design, construction and operation of feed tanks including calculations.

The feed tank is the major meeting place for cold make-up water and condensate return. It is best if both of these, together with flash steam from the blowdown system, flow through sparge pipes installed well below the water surface in the feed water tank.


All natural sources of fresh water require varying degrees of treatment prior to boiler use. Boiler feed water treatment prevents scale and deposits, removes dissolved gases, protects against corrosion, eliminates water and steam carry-over, and optimizes boiler efficiency and minimizes maintenance costs.

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