Deha Tech Engineering, manufacture a range of boiler blowdown vessels, designed to suit all sizes of boilers. The size of vessel supplied depends on the following parameters:

  • Boiler pressure
  • Size of the blowdown pipe system
  • Quantity of water blowdown at any time
  • Time between successive blowdowns
  • Blowdown enters the tank above or below the standing water level
  • Distance of vessel from the nearest boiler blowdown

Vessels supplied as standard units with the minimum of modification of pipework required. Most commonly used where there is ample space for a large tank.

Bespoke vessels for other applications (either pressure or non-pressure parts) can be designed and manufactured to order.

Durability, safety, and quality are the passwords to the Boiler Blowdown Tank. In many areas Boiler Blowdown tanks are required by law to reduce the temperature and pressure of blowdown from the boiler before it enters the sewer system.

Safety and quality are assured by Deha Tech with 20 years of experience in manufacturing certified pressure vessels.

Our Blowdown Vessels Benefits:

  • Cost savings
  • Saves energy
  • Minimizes emissions
  • Robust construction
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Designed for easiness
  • Full Turnkey Project installations

Deha Tech`s blowdown tanks are designed and fabricated to comply with exacting industry standards to reduce the pressure and temperature of blowdown boiler water before discharge to the facility drain.

We have a dedicated team of specialists and local engineers who are available to help our customers.

Blowdown Tank

Blowdown Tank

Blowdown Tank