Proper commissioning of your process instrumentation is essential to handle critical factors such as time, resource availability and access to specific skills during the start‐up phase. The responsibility and authority of engineers and experts involved in the commissioning should be clear.

We have the construction and technical skills, tools and resources to provide comprehensive service and plan, install, integrate, test and maintain specialized industrial equipment anywhere in the world.

Utilizing Deha Tech`s commissioning services allows you to achieve long‐term operational benefits. Our experienced technical experts ensure a sustainable beginning‐to‐end solution for your commissioning projects, regardless of the scale and location of your facility.

Our specialists can manage your commissioning and start-up project from start to finish.

Commissioning benefits owners through improved energy efficiency, improved workplace performance due to higher quality environments, and prevention of business losses include:

  • Save effort and resources
  • Reducing overall first costs and life-cycle costs for the owner
  • Get it right the first time
  • Verifying systems are installed and working correctly
  • Optimized process performance, right from the start.
  • Comply to health, safety, environmental and quality standards
  • Highly skilled service workforce to gain better insights into basic operations and maintenance of your measurement devices
  • The report guarantees traceability throughout the entire commissioning process up to the final handover to operations.
  • Providing dedicated customer training for specific automation solutions
  • Maintaining facility performance for the building’s entire life cycle.
  • Providing documentation and records on the design, construction to facilitate operation and maintenance of the facility

Deha Tech`s engineers inspect installations and run performance tests to ensure that all systems are integrated and working together, per the scope of work agreed. We ensure all necessary permits, licenses and other compliance requirements are in place and assist with compilation, before finally signing-off and handing the final product over to the client.

“Reduce the risk of operational problems and ensure higher quality control and plant efficiency”