Deha Tech is your partner for project management, engineering and a vast range of specialized services across many industries.

Deha Tech is successful continuously improve its project management skills as well as skills specific to oil and gas and a vast range of specialized services across all industries with its team of enthusiastic professionals equipped; with the competencies and skills demanded by the complexity of the changing industry and innovative techniques required by the state of the art engineering practices.

We also provide extensive project management, operation & maintenance services and offers knowledge-driven solutions for complex construction projects as EPC Contractor.

The aim of the project management mission is to create value and to avoid risks by coordinating and aligning the solutions with the technical and financial goals established by the client.

The management plan, manages and controls all the technical and financial resources involved in each and every stage of any project development as can be:

  • Time and cost planning
  • Risk assessment and control
  • Project control
  • Licenses and authorizations’ management
  • Planning consent
  • Offers management & tendering process
  • Cost control throughout projects
  • Supervision of works
  • Site management
  • Commissioning and final acceptance

with each customer’s unique requirements and specifications, we can adapt state-of-the art processes to work in consecutive with excellent design. We give shape to close partnerships with our customers, keeping in regular contact throughout the entirety of our collaboration and maintaining clear communication.

We manage project management and following:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Civil Engineering
  • Finance
  • Management and Professional Services
  • Information Services and Technology