The electric power generation industry relies heavily on demineralized water during process operations.

Demineralized Water Tanks are used to store and provide demineralized water necessary especially for the cooling of turbine and auxiliary units of a Power Plant. There are different types of fabrication and construction.

Deha Tech provides to 25,000 m3 storage tanks for demineralized water Internationally.

A demineralization water system produces mineral free water by operating on the principles of ion exchange, degasification and polishing. Demineralized water system finds wide application in the field of steam, power, process, and cooling. Demineralized water is generally carbonic acid due to the CO2 in the air in contact with the liquid and it tends naturally to produce a leaching phenomenon of the materials with which it is in contact.

According to the operating constraints and the characteristics of the installation site, industry demineralized water tanks are provided in various materials:

  • Galvanized steel with a specific membrane liner
  • Epoxy-coated steel with a mastic seal
  • Enamelled steel with a mastic seal
  • Stainless steel with a specific sealing membrane or a mastic seal
  • Aluminium with a sealing membrane

The enamelled steel and epoxy-coated steel tanks may be equipped with floors of the same material. This solution is intended to protect the concrete bottom which acts as a seating for the tanks, thus avoiding the need for protection resins, which require regular renewal


  • Energy generation
  • Top up water for cooling towers
  • Food processing
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals industry

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