Cylindrical LPG butane and propane tanks are belonging to pressure vessel. Deha Tech`s LPG tanks are mainly used to store up liquid petroleum gas, propane.

Our cylindrical tanks manufactured in two types:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

Tank shaped use the advanced welding technology, end socket arc butt welding, and the once-forming of composite steel-plastic technology. Equipped with active and passive safety devices to meet an emergency and can load and unload the material in long distance and completely close condition.

We also produce pressure vessel to store liquid ammonia, dimethyl ether, isobutane.

Advantages of LPG propane and butane gas tanks:

  • Fixed-point procurement of raw material manufacturer
  • Precisely inspection for incoming material
  • Strong production process
  • Non-destructive examination, 100% X-ray testing
  • Water pressure and air tightness testing
  • Excellent safety device
  • Long term service time
  • Turn Key Solution

As one of LPG tank manufacturers, our company has massive technology, excellent inspection, advanced equipment, reliant quality and flexible modes of operation.