A condensate tank serves for collection, intermediate storage, and return of hot condensate occurring in water steam cycles, for example pipeline condensate or process condensate.

Depending upon the application, a condensate tank can be designed for atmospheric operation or for pressurized operation.

They are located after the separator accumulate various liquids depending on the level of condensation and the changing composition of liquids removed from the gas line.

Condensate tanks are a main component of heat recovery systems, together with systems for flashing and phase separation, vent condensation or direct contact heat recovery, as well as for condensate quality monitoring and condensate polishing.

Benefits & Futures:

  • Preventing shut down increases throughput
  • Time savings in reduced maintenance
  • Increased accuracy
  • Reduces water treatment chemical cost
  • Reduces make-up water costs
  • Reduces load on sewer system
  • Meet environmental regulations
  • Improves energy efficiency

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