DEHA TECH is one of the professional companies of the world that offers industrial solutions for industrial and infrastructure clients. These solutions include program management, engineering, procurement and construction. Our construction team offers services ranging from major grassroots projects to ongoing small capital improvement work, in the direction of the cost and schedule requirements.

Our cost control and reporting processes can be adapted to meet your reporting formats and frequencies for up-to-date views of work in progress. And our ISO modelled QA/QC process ensures work is performed to meet the required specifications.

DEHA TECH supports cement plants, refineries, power stations, manufacturing sites, mines, metal production facilities and other industrial and commercial operations. We are specialized in assembly, commissioning, operations and maintenance services.

DEHA TECH also provides other services, including plant engineering, sustaining and small capital Project execution, turnarounds and outages, specialty services. Our construction teams have a particular specialty like to deliver sustainable performance improvement, productive, good lines of communication, quick decision-making, safe work habits, quality workmanship and no short cuts.

And DehaTech`s primary aim is to finish our job properly and always be focused on the future and produce better results in the field of following services:

  • Civil and Steel Construction
  • Residences
  • Stadiums
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Commissining, Startup Assistance
  • Equipment and Machinery Installation
  • Automotive Assembly Plant
  • Civil and Steel Construction
  • Ammonium Urea and Fertilizer Plant
  • Port and Harbor
  • Roads and Bridges