Deha Tech filter bag are a major component of a long tradition of excellence.

We combine more than 20 years of experience in filtration including the latest approaches in low pressure high volume filters as well as more conventional technologies such as medium pressure jet filtration

Dedusting systems are used in various industrial areas. They separate dust particles from an exhaust air current.

The right dedusting technology is available for every individual case: Our high performance bag filters have a dimensionally stable round design including supporting leg construction. They function according to the down flow principle.

Bag Filters are used for the dry separation of dust particles or for recovering useful dusts from air and gas flows.

Different bag filter types can be selected depending on the application case (max. 500.000 m3/h). They have an outlet height up to 25 m.

Benefits of Bag Filter:

  • The integrated compressed air cleaning is extremely reliable and electronically controlled.
  • The filter elements on the clean gas side can be easily inserted and removed if required.
  • Accessibility is guaranteed via large clean gas doors.
  • Explosion bursting discs are provided for pressure relief.
  • The filter bags installed in the high performance bag filter meets the highest standards.
  • A perfect seal is ensured when attached by stainless steel snap rings combined with internal clamp cuffs.
  • Our high performance bag filters are equipped with vertical ladder, railing and platform.
  • High-quality coating systems ensure corrosion protection.

Our engineers are able to design and construct filters for a variety of applications, including cement, coal fired steam generators, stoker fired boilers, fluidized bed combustion boilers, municipal waste incinerators, cogeneration facilities, and industrial processes such as steel, rock products, aluminium.