Deha Tech industrial gas turbine models with their compact and rugged design make them an ideal choice for industrial power generation.

For power generation in upstream, midstream and downstream applications as well as mechanical drives for compressors and pumps, our gas turbines are proven and trusted in the industry.

Since 2009, they ensure outstanding reliability for oil and gas production and processing as well as pipeline, LNG and refinery applications.

Their high steam-raising capabilities help achieve overall plant efficiency of 80 percent or higher. They are proven with many units sold in the oil and gas industry.

Our technical advances make gas turbines the logical choice for new power generation and for replacing the aging fleet of thermal facilities operating on oil or coal:

  • Higher reliability and availability
  • Use low-carbon
  • Lowers emissions
  • Lower operating costs, Reduces construction costs
  • Effortless permitting
  • Swiftly constructing
  • Smaller footprint
  • Utilizes clean and other renewable fuels
  • High quality exhaust heat stream
  • High power density
  • Broad range of power module blocks
  • Easy to transport and quick start up

Gas turbines for oil and gas applications:

  • Onshore production
  • Offshore floating (FSPO, FLNG)
  • Refining / petrochemical
  • Onshore pipeline
  • Offshore fixed
  • LNG

Benefit from our expertise and experience in industrial power generation: Deha Tech gas turbines can be used for power generation and cogeneration in many industries, such as the chemical and fiber, cement, metals and mining, as well as other manufacturing industries.

Our equipment ensures an uninterrupted supply of power and heat, high energy efficiency, low energy costs and a high return on investment.

Gas turbines for industrial power generation applications:

  • Chemical
  • Infrastructure
  • Metals / Ceramics & Glass
  • Cement / Mining & Minerals
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Industrial parks
  • Mobile Power

Deha Tech`s Turnkey power plant includes:

  • Plant cooling systems
  • Water treatment
  • Raw water system
  • Waste water system/tanks
  • Plant piping/valves
  • Electrical equipment
  • Plant control system
  • Additional fire protection/fighting
  • Erection/commissioning
  • Buildings/structures
  • Turbine hall ST or ST/ GT
  • Cranes and HVAC

Solutions from our Power Services business ensure that your gas turbine can fulfil its full lifetime potential, anywhere in the world. Deha Tech has a world leading depth of expertise in the industrial gas turbine range.

We employ some of the most experienced engineers and technicians in the world. With this level of knowledge, we can ensure that the customers requirement is matched exactly.