Waelz technology is volatilization of non-ferrous metals like Zn, Pb, Cd etc. out of an oxidized solid mixture by means of reduction by coke breeze in a rotary kiln without generating a liquid slag. Nevertheless, the Waelz process is considered to be the best available technology (BAT) for processing zinc/lead-containing dusts and wastes

Energy efficient and clean, the Waelz Kiln technology is especially suited to the increasing demands of environmental laws being implemented globally

A Waelz plant consists of normally two, sometimes three parts: the raw material preparation, the Waelz kiln with off-gas and slag treatment and eventually the washing of the crude ZnO dust for de-halogenation. All parts are described by their targets and main process units.

Dusts, sludge’s, filter cakes and other zinc containing wastes, supplied by our clients in different compositions, are initially stored in closed silos or covered boxes.