Deha Tech supports manufacturing and utility clients throughout the world with process design, technology selection, equipment specification, tender appraisal, permitting, planning, construction management, start-up, and commissioning, and operations.

Our technical services also provide for cost-effective and sustainable design and operation of water and wastewater treatment systems in the face of increasingly stringent external and internal performance expectations.

Deha Tech Water and Waterwaste Technology of Plants provides a range of water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment systems suitable for all major industries including food and beverage, automotive, mining, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and power.

Industrial wastewater presents some significant purification challenges before it can be reused or released into the environment. Industrial wastewater treatment is required to remove contaminants and ensure that industries are fully compliant with regional industrial wastewater treatment standards.

Wastewater treatment also helps companies save money by enabling the reuse of water in their industrial processes and minimizing waste processing costs.

Deha Tech`s range of coagulants and specially selected flocculants make that choice easier, significantly reducing sludge generation, alternative disposal routes and associated disposal costs.

Our Aim:

Deha Tech engineers and chemical engineering specialists are committed to continually developing new and exciting solutions, combining the right chemicals and equipment to maximize system efficiency, whilst minimizing chemical usage.

We make it easier for our customers to achieve their obligations to water authority or environmental consents when treating their wastewater.

Deha Tech Water and Waterwaste Plants recycling wastewater reduce pressure on the environment and your finances.

Industrial wastewater treatment plant is determined based upon requirements and might involve the use of evaporation, filtration, clarification, aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment technologies

Water Treatment Method in our Plants


  • Iron and Manganese Removal
  • Coagulation and Flocculation
  • Filtration
  • Classical Filtration
  • Membrane Filtration

Softening Stage

  • Lime-Soda Ash Process
  • Ion Exchanger
  • Nano filtration (NF


  • Ion Exchanger
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Clean Water

  • Mixed-Bed
  • Electro dialysis (EDI)

We provide tailored solutions and processes, specifically designed to meet challenging wastewater treatment requirements.

We can produce clean and reusable water with industrial wastewater treatment, and we can reduce overall waste production.

Key Benefits of Water and Waterwaste Treatments Plants:

  • Wastewater treatment reduces the amount of waste released into the environment
  • Water loss due to water pollution is reduced or eradicated
  • Potentially harmful contaminants are not released into the environment
  • Sludge treatment can recover reusable methane
  • Natural fertilizer can be recovered and used in agriculture
  • Simplified waste disposal significantly reduces costs
  • Regional wastewater treatment and effluent standards can be met and maintained

Our clients often engage with us to solve challenges and realize their ambitions within areas such as:

And our solutions are based on:

  • Finding a good compromise between features of the plant
  • The regulatory requirements
  • Previous optimization measures or operational procedures adjustments (in-plant measures to reduce wastewaters)

This allows the Deha Tech team of experts to assist you and to guarantee an economically successful solution, based on your requirements.