Deha Tech is capable of designing, engineering, fabrication, installation and commissioning of crude oil topping units near the source of any production field.

Deha Tech provides quick, economical and pre-engineered atmospheric crude fractionation modules to minimize installation and commissioning time. These mini modular oil refineries are provided on a turn-key basis or provided as required components. Please see the below main components list.

Process design-intensive packages are carefully designed as per client and local crude oil specifications. Deha Tech’s custom solutions for small refineries always maintain high customer involvement to satisfy the process needs.

Deha Tech is also experienced in crude distillation, vacuum distillation and naphtha distillation units, process towers and columns

Main Components:

  • Feed Crude/Cold Residue Heat Exchanger
  • Feed Crude/Topped Crude Heat Exchanger
  • Feed Crude/Intermediate Residue Heat Exchanger
  • Feed Crude/Hot Residue
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Crude Heater
  • Crude Tower
  • Topped Crude Stripped Reboiler
  • Residue Pumps
  • Topped Crude Stripper
  • Topped Crude Pump
  • Crude Tower Overhead Condenser
  • Crude Tower Reflux Drum
  • Closed Drain Pump
  • Crude Tower Reflux Pump
  • Filming Amine Pump
  • Neutralizing Amine Pump
  • Closed Drain Tank
  • Topped Crude Product Cooler
  • Residue Cooler
  • Off gas Knock Out Drum Flare
  • Knock Out Drum
  • Flare Knock Out Drum Pump
  • Flare Stack
  • Off gas Preheater
  • Atomizing Air Compressor
  • Atomizing Air Receiver
  • Atmospheric Coolum
  • Desalters
  • Steam Tow